RF Site Management

Trott Communications Group - RF Site Management
Tower and rooftop management with a focus on RF engineering

Trott Communications Group and its subsidiary RETCOM, Inc. provide a full array of tower site and rooftop management for property owners. Trott not only manages radio sites from the traditional real estate approach, but adds a crucial engineering perspective. With a focus on technical management, site planning, interference control, and RFE/EME Compliance, site owners and tenants both benefit from Trott's & RETCOM's decades of site management and RF engineering experience. Trott’s full-time staff of engineers have the experience and skills needed to manage your site. Trott handles all of the marketing, contracts, equipment installation/removal oversight, and technical issue resolution for its clients.


Trott utilizes the most advanced technical resources, software, and test equipment that enable property owners/managers to maximize the full potential of their real estate for wireless communications. Trott’s resources and expertise will also closely monitor, manage, and minimize the risk associated with human exposure to RF fields. RF site management services include:

Trott performs RF Exposure (RFE) Studies for the antennas installed at each site/property to determine the potential of RF fields to exceed the FCC/OSHA Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) Limit for the general public. The results of the RFE Study are used to develop an RF Site Safety Plan. The RF Site Safety Plan contains operating guidelines and procedures that will ensure that your employees and sub-contractors are properly informed about the RF fields that exist at the site, where the RF fields exceed the FCC Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) Limits, and the Plan provides employees/contractors with the proper means to control / avoid exposure to the MPE exceeding RF fields. Trott also provides on-site RF Awareness & Safety Training.


Contact us for our current site inventory or to discuss how we can assist with managing your tower/rooftop properties. Click here to download additional information about RF Exposure (RFE) and compliance services for site owners and property managers.