Coverage Planning & Testing

Trott Communications Group - Coverage Planning & Testing
Providing coverage where your system users need it most

In planning for any radio system upgrade, expansion or replacement, the first set of priorities often involves improvements in coverage; it may be the only priority. 


Trott engineers are experienced with radio coverage design and the resolution of coverage issues. We utilize EDX SIGNAL™ propagation software to predict and model coverage under various site, equipment, and system configurations. These coverage predictions are invaluable for the assessment and selection of optimum site locations and equipment configurations. Trott can provide RF coverage maps to assist with your planning efforts or perform complete system design and layout services.


Coverage planning may also include field measurements and "drive testing". Trott is equipped with the tools and expertise to collect real-time RF signal data for coverage verification or propagation model calibration. 


With an increasing demand for coverage inside of large building structures, Trott's extensive experience with indoor coverage testing can work for you. We have measured and mapped in-building coverage performance inside of schools, hospitals, office buildings, power plants, and international airports. Real world building measurements can be an invaluable tool for coverage planning and the design of in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS).


Trott's portfolio of RF coverage planning and testing capabilities is available to help you provide coverage where your system users need it most.