Public Safety Radio Consulting

Trott Communications Group - Public Safety Radio Consulting
Critical communications are literally a matter of life & death

As public safety communications specialists for over 40 years, our consulting firm has assisted public safety agencies throughout the country with the design, procurement, and deployment of cost-effective and reliable two-way radio communications systems and networks. Trott understands that critical communications systems are literally a matter of life and death. 


Trott Communications Group is independent of all equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Our sole interest is in solving your public safety communications needs in the most professional, cost-effective and timely manner possible. From legacy analog systems to cutting-edge digital technologies, our unbiased viewpoint and extensive experience allows us to weigh alternative solutions that others may overlook. 


Needs Assessment and Strategic Options

Trott's public safety project services often begin with a thorough assessment of your communications needs and requirements. We will interview key personnel and user group representatives to document the performance and deficiencies of the current communications system, and identify the features, functions and system performance required to support the end users. A Needs Assessment Report is typically developed to document the findings of the needs assessment, present upgrade options, and provide budgetary cost estimates. 


Procurement Planning and Vendor Selection 

Trott will assist with selection of an upgrade option and development of project plans and budgets. We will prepare technical specifications, Requests for Proposals, and other procurement documents necessary to support your procurement process. Trott will further assist as needed with the fair evaluation of proposals, final vendor selection, and contract negotiations. 


Implementation and System Acceptance

Trott's engineering and project management staff are experts at leading project implementation. Our consultants will support design reviews, verify conformance with specifications, and serve as your technical representative throughout implementation. We will also oversee system testing and final acceptance. 


Major radio projects can be daunting but Trott will be there from start to finish protecting your interests.