Project Experience

Trott Communications Group has successfully implemented hundreds of radio communications projects and performed thousands of RFE/EME, IM, and propagation coverage studies. The following are brief descriptions of recent projects in our key market sectors. Detailed project references can be provided upon request or as part of a formal proposal.

Public Safety

800 MHz P25 System Upgrade: Trott was retained to assist a metropolitan city with the evaluation and upgrade of an existing 800 MHz APCO 16 trunked radio system. A detailed coverage test was performed to verify and document the performance of the existing system, and recommendations for short-term improvements were offered and implemented. Trott then performed a detailed needs assessment, interviewing representatives from key city departments. The city elected to pursue a complete system replacement including an APCO Project 25 (P25) compliant simulcast infrastructure, P25 compliant user radio fleet, CSSI compliant console system, and ISSI interoperability equipment. Trott then assisted with system specifications, vendor selection, contract development, and is currently providing technical support and project management for the design and implementation phases.

UHF System Expansion: Trott has successfully executed a complete UHF trunked simulcast radio system deployment for a suburban city. After substantial city growth, Trott was retained to re-evaluate the coverage needs of the user departments and develop a coverage expansion plan. Trott performed coverage and in-building tests and ultimately recommended the deployment of an additional system site. Trott evaluated site candidates and assisted with final site selection. Trott further developed RFPs for the construction of an antenna tower and equipment shelter, evaluated proposals, assisted with vendor selection, and supported contract negotiations. Technical support and project management services were performed during site construction.

800 MHz Rebanding: Trott is currently engaged with multiple agencies and systems in central Ohio that are undergoing 800 MHz rebanding. Over 15,000 user radios from four separate radio systems are impacted. Trott has completed planning activities for all systems and negotiated Frequency Reconfiguration Agreements with Sprint Nextel for all systems and users. Trott will continue to support the reconfiguration and retuning process with technical support, system testing, analysis of comparable facilities, and project management.


Federal Agency Narrowband Conversion: A federal agency retained Trott to assist with the narrowband conversion of VHF & UHF paging and two-way radio systems throughout two regional networks. Existing equipment/systems were audited and inventoried, coverage (in-building and wide-area) was tested and analyzed, and narrowband conversion plans were developed. Trott then prepared equipment specifications, supported the deployment upgrades, and performed acceptance testing.

Rural Police & Fire Narrowband Upgrade: A rural police and fire department hired Trott to develop a narrowband conversion plan. Existing equipment was inventoried and evaluated for narrowband compliance. Trott developed a plan involving the re-use of compliant radios and the upgrade of wideband only equipment. Trott further developed frequency plans, performed FCC license modifications, developed procurement documents, assisted with vendor selection, and performed final acceptance testing.


Trott served as the communications consultant for an international airport during a multi-phase terminal construction project. An intermodulation analysis was performed for all planned airline and ramp control frequencies, which was utilized to develop plans for antenna placement and filtering requirements. A site and equipment standards document was also developed. Trott further prepared procurement specifications for filtering and dispatch console equipment.

The project included in-building and wide-area coverage testing at various stages of construction, along with detailed mapping of both indoor and outdoor coverage performance for the planned VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz radio systems. Recommendations to overcome anticipated coverage deficiencies were also provided.


A utility provider retained Trott to perform a comprehensive analysis of its regional communications network. The project was comprised of five separate phases including a detailed system evaluation and needs assessment, queuing and loading study, coverage analysis and expansion recommendations, system programming review and recommendations, and a five-year communications plan. The five-year plan encapsulated all subsequent phases and presented a detailed plan, schedule, and cost estimate for future system modifications, expansions, and upgrades over the next five years and beyond.

RF Compliance & Exposure

RFE Studies: Trott has performed over 550 RFE Studies for a nationwide wireless service provider. The analyzed sites included rooftops, water tanks and church steeples located throughout 28 states. Each study included a site survey, RF field measurements, and Roofview® predictions/modeling to analyze the "worst-case" composite RF field levels that could exist in accessible areas. Recommendations and options for RF compliance and RF site safety plans were also included.

RF Compliance Audits: Trott has performed numerous site audits for a nationwide wireless service provider to evaluate the RF compliance actions that were implemented by the company's field staff per the results of the commissioned RFE studies. These audits also included the analysis of the calibration records for personal RF monitors and the review of RF safety training records for all affected personnel.